Time Off

Well my lovely people today is the 22nd of October and I’m not going to be about for at least 4 weeks... I’ve had a little accident and smashed up my hand pretty badly. So I had a small operation earlier this week. Today I have been back to the hospital and all is looking good. I’m back in on Monday to have my stitches out. Then it’s just a waiting game for it to heal and the bone to knit back together.

I’m taking my own advise by making sure I’m taking plenty of Liquid Magnesium, along with vitamin D & C. I’m also on comfrey (knitbone) tea.

if you would like me to let you know when I’m back slipping and a sliding in the Nuru Gel, just drop me a text and I’ll get back to you with a discreet little text during office hours (or what ever time suits you best) as soon as I know.

Gonna miss you guys ... but I’ll see you alllllll soooooooon!

Be safe my lovelies


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