Frequently Asked Questions ...


If you have read through my site and can't find what your looking for you may find it here, if not give me a call from a visible mobile or drop me an email or text.

Is Nuru Gel a type of oil ...?


No Nuru Gel is not an oil, its a water based 100% natural gel made from Nori seaweed (yes that is the type found wrapped around your sushi!). Some times it comes with a few added ingredients such as aloe and chamomile. It is clear, tasteless, odorless gel that will not leave any marks or stains and it is water based.

It seems expensive for a massage....?


It may well do, but this is not just an ordinary massage with oil ... this is a whole experience that will stay with you for a life time! I use genuine Nuru Gel imported from Japan, all my other products are vegan, organic, and cruelty free. I also go that extra couple of miles to ensure you have the best experience possible with a few personal touches you won't get anywhere else..

Are you qualified...?


I am a qualified masseuse, with twenty years experience under my skirt and several Massage Therapy Qualifications, I am also affiliated with several Massage Federations. I do not have a Nuru Massage Therapy Qualification as there isn't one! I have studied Anatomy and Physiology and also have the relevant qualifications in that field. So that means I know how your muscles lie, how they are supposed to look and feel so I can massage them correctly using the right pressure. But most importantly I know when and where not to massage! I continuously expand my knowledge with my love of herb law and all things natural.

Why are there no pictures of you on your site...?


There are no picture of me as I don't feel that my looks are relevant to my massage. All you need to know is that I have a good figure being a size 10. I look after myself with a good diet and exercise. I don't take drugs though I will socially drink and I am an attractive well educated woman (my client reviews here will confirm this).

Can we have full sex ...?


No (and please keep your hands away from my thong!). There is release available though through a tantric style Vajra Massage unless you want your sexual high to stay with you after your Nuru experience. Though Nuru is a highly erotic experience it is not about the act of having sex. It is about enlivening your erotic senses, and giving you a sensual erotic trip into your inner self, allowing you to float on a sexual high as you have never experienced it before.