About Me ...

Let me tell you a little about myself ... I'm a qualified British born and bred Massage Therapist with 20 odd years Massage Therapy experience.


I'm age 40, a size 10, standing at 5ft 5 with long brown hair. You could describe my body as "slender and athletic". My passion is very much for the sensual and erotic side of sexuality, the meeting of minds so to speakI am very patient, a good listener, understanding, well spoken, warm hearted,  very spiritual with a unique gift of touch and healing. I am open minded and very rational. I enjoy good company, good food, travel and reading. I have deep love of nature and Mother Earth.


As a qualified Therapist I take my vocation very seriously, but don't get me wrong I love to laugh and enjoy myself, let my hair down and go wild.


When asked "What do you enjoy about what you do ?" I often say I enjoy the sheer sexiness of it all, its intoxicating!!! If you would like to know more about me then come along and join me for a sensational journey into eroticism! xxxx